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Lower Main Street ~ Granville, NY 1900's

Lower Main Street ~ Granville, NY 1900’s

The Village of Granville is nestled in the Mettowee River Valley, a gateway to both the Adirondack Mountains and the Lakes Region of Vermont. Rolling green hills and lush forests surround a charming village with so much to discover, making it an ideal place either to visit for a day or weekend, or stay for a lifetime.

The “1878 History of Washington County” mentions that the St. Francis Indians claimed their ancestral rights to hunt, fish and trade in Granville, finding here their best beavers. Today Granville NY, lying in the northeastern portion of the county at the confluence of the Mettawee and Indian Rivers, is still a very desirable area.

Slate Workers ~ Granville NY ~ 1910's

Slate Workers ~ Granville NY ~ 1910’s

The land form of the area has distinctive deposits of slate. Granville is Splitting red slate block. sometimes called the Slate Capital of the World. These slate deposits were discovered just before the Civil War, and they made quarrying the leading industry in the town for a century. The slate industry today, using modern techniques, continues to be an important business. It is interesting to note that the area has the only working red slate quarries in the world. The picturesque slate quarries are a hallmark to the area. The Slate Museum in the Village of Granville is preserving artifacts and information tracing the development of this fascinating industry in the Slate Valley.

Central House ~ Granville, NY

Central House ~ Granville, NY

Over the years Granville has been home some fine hotels, including the Hotel Munson, The Granville Inn, Central House, The Sheldon Mansion and The Warren in North Granville.

Granville Gasoline and Oil Co. ~ Advertising Card

Granville Gasoline and Oil Co. ~ Advertising Card


The Slate Valley Museum


Village of Granville, NY

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  1. Cathy MacMenamin says:

    My parents own the home on the edge of town. Elm St & Norton St. 28 Elm St. Built in 1885. I would like to know how much land it originally had. Looks like the barn housed horses. Was it the only home there for a while – ant photographs?

  2. Cy Ondre says:

    Hi, my grand father George Grosik (DOB 3/10/1884. Died 8/8/1931) was killed in a slate land slide in Grandvill NY I was hoping that you mint be able to help me in finding any info. regarding the marker recognizing the workers that were killed in the slide.. Thank you Cy Ondre.

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